Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Magnolia Makeup Individual Pigment

Magnolia Makeup Individual Pigment
My Favorite Golds 

Hi guys, don't want to ramble much today just want to show you mostly pictures of some pigment shadows i got some few days back. Don't know if you have ever heard of Magnolia Makeup, it is an American brand that mostly makes loose pigments (eyeshadows and blush) though there are lipsticks. The loose shadows come in mattes, shimmer and glitter. Let me just say they are wonderfully pigmented and the colours are very vibrant. I got the ones with shimmer. To know more check them out on facebook https://www.facebook.com/MagnoliaMakeup?fref=ts and their website http://www.magnolia-makeup.com/Home To purchase them you can get yours from Stella's Addiction, No. 10, Balarabe Musa Crescent, off Samuel Manuwa (Samuel Manuwa street is second gate bus stop 1004), Victoria Island, Lagos. It is quite affordable and the jars are 3 grams worth of product which is a lot. Without further ado here are the pictures.

The colours are sooo vibrantly pretty, you can wear them sheer, packed on, dry or wet. A little goes a long way. Will do more reviews on other colours in the near future. You guys should get the Magnolia pigment shadows they are just too pretty not to have. Till another time, cheers!

Monday, 7 April 2014

My Love for Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I mentioned this brush briefly in my last post and will talk more on it now. I will start by saying, I looooooove this brush. It is the best I have used so far. A brief description of this tool is that it’s a synthetic brush used for applying and blending cream or liquid foundation with an extended aluminum handle which is light and easy to use. It’s created by makeup artist and You Tuber Sam Chapman; she has other brushes as well that has gotten some good reviews and I will say has quite a following in Nigeria. I believe she resides in the UK, not sure where but getting her brushes here in Nigeria isn't hard.

The brush which is soft to the touch is firm and dense which makes for easy application. When I use it my clients and I love the way it feels on our faces, it’s like getting a free massage, feels quite cuddly really. It gives a smooth flawless finish when applying foundation; you can apply lightly and build up if you want. The shape and size of the brush makes it easy to reach difficult areas like the sides of the nose, around your eyes and behind the ears. Another wonderful thing about this brush is I can apply foundation faster than I use to, in the business of a makeup artist speed is most times of the essence because we work with a time frame.

The best way to use this brush is to buff in the foundation and blend in circular motions, you can check out how to use it on Sam Chapman’s YouTube channel, pixiwoo. To keep the brush clean you can dab it in a little olive oil and wipe clean on wipes for a quick clean and for a major wash dab in a little olive oil and then baby shampoo, place under the tap and rinse out, squeeze a bit to make sure nothing remains. Please avoid using well water to wash brushes because it will end up hardening the brush with time.

I bought mine at Stella’s Addiction for N3000 (Naira), you might say that is expensive but with what this brush can do, it is very affordable. I will leave links below on where you can get this wonder brush.
Have a lovely day y’all, until my next post.

Friday, 4 April 2014


Products used:

Brows – Sleek eyebrow pencil in brown and Milani Secret Cover concealer in Honey (03)

Eyes – Elf mineral eyeshadow primer, Magnolia makeup Eye Fix, Magnolia loose pigments Sugar Hill and Golden Nugget, white gold eyeshadow from BH cometics 4th edition palette, Zaron Arabian Knight Kajal, Jordana eyeliner in Devine, Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara.

Face – Mary Kay face primer, Mary Kay Medium Coverage foundation 607, Milani Secret Cover concealer Honey 03, Zaron loose powder LZ10 and LZ20, Black Opal Deluxe finishing powder in Neutral Light 06, Sleek Coral blush, Wet n Wild bronzer.

Lips – Sleek lip liner Deep Cherry, Mary Kay True Dimensions lipstick (soft pink) Zaron flavoured lip gloss in a soft pink colour, Sleek Pout Paint Cloud Nine.

First I like to do the brows and eyes first, so I filled in the brows lightly with Sleek brown eyebrow pencil and then brushed it out with a brow wand for a more natural look, then I used 03 Milani concealer to define the brows, this I placed under the brow and the tail end on the upper side of the brow making sure to blend out the concealer.

After putting Elf eye primer on the eyelid I put Magnolia eye fix which is a white base to make the eyeshadow more defined, a little goes a long way, I mean a very, very tiny bit. Blend out and pat Magnolia Sugar Hill on top and then pat Magnolia Golden Nugget on top of Sugar Hill, this gives a nice gold bronze look, i applied a white gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes from the BH 4th edition palette. In the crease I used a soft matte brown colour to blend out everything and to highlight under the brow I used a semi matte light gold eyeshadow.

Next I cleaned the face with wipes to remove eyeshadow fall outs, primed the face with MK face primer to give the skin a silky smooth base and applied MK 607 foundation. Her face was a dream to work with because her skin was so flawless. I then highlighted under the eyes, the bridge of the nose and center of the chin with Milani 03 concealer, blended with my fingers and set with Zaron LZ10 loose powder. To contour I used a fan brush to lightly apply Zaron LZ20 loose powder on both sides of the nose, hollow of the cheeks and on the sides of the forehead and used Black Opal Neutral Light finishing powder to lightly dust every other part of the face. I went back to the eyes to finish up by lining upper lash line with Zaron Kajal, Jordana Devine eyeliner on the water line and Maybelline mascara on upper and lower lashes.
I lined the lips with Sleek Deep Cherry blended it out and applied MK TD lipstick (sorry I don’t remember the name); I topped it off with a Zaron lipgloss in a soft pink colour. To brighten up the lips i applied Sleek Paint Pout in Cloud Nine in the center of the lips. This is a thick white opaque gloss; I put just a tiny, tiny bit and blended it out. I finished up by applying Sleek Coral blush on the cheeks and Wet n Wild gold bronzer on the bridge of the nose and the top part of the cheeks for a golden glow.

Voila and there you have it. The process seems long but it is simple enough. It is good to use a light hand when applying bridal makeup; as long as you have a good base and you know what you are doing it will all come together. You can try this out and send me a picture to my email oyinlooks.beauty@gmail.com of what you have done, would really love to see it. Cheers and have a very lovely day.

FYI: I used the Real Techniques Expert Face brush to apply my foundation, it gives the smoothest most flawless application, and it is the best investment I ever made, will talk about this brush in my next post. Watch this space.

Friday, 22 March 2013

My first experience at WED Expo Lagos 2013

As you all know WED Expo started on Thursday 21st of March at Landmark Event Center, Oniru, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island and will be ending on Sunday 24th. Went there on the 2nd day and this was my first impression of the place, hot and bumpy. Hot because the split units were barely circulating cool air and bumpy because the ground was uncomfortably uneven. It was so bad that those in heels like moi were in danger of falling flat on their faces, in fact 2 ladies did fall. That must have been mortifying. So ladies make sure to wear sandals when you go or else.
Despite all that i enjoyed myself, there are many booths to visit and many things to see and buy, makeup, accessories, aso oke, wedding gowns, event planners, cakes and more cakes. One of the first booths i went to was Banke Meshida's booth (BM|Pro), i had a lovely time talking makeup with her. She showed me how to use her products and the power of her Gel eye shadow base and Makeup fixing spray. Using them on Eye shadows hardly allowed them to smudge meaning, oily eye lids and sweaty faces are hardly going to do any damage. I am so getting them. Her eye shadows are to die for, so beautifully pigmented, soo getting those too. I believe she is offering discounts to those who would like to be BM|Pro beauty representatives, so go check out her booth, lots of addictive products from the BM|pro line to choose from.

Me with Banke, as you can see we were sweating.

Next i went on to Sho Mya, which offers professional beauty services (Hair, makeup, eyebrow threading, nails, gele tying and the like). They just opened their luxury salon and makeup studio at block 12 E, Plot B, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1. The models looked beautiful, makeup was done to perfection, nicely detailed. Go check them out there are discounts for jobs booked at the booth. Here are some pictures

The lovely lady posing is the CEO of Sho Mya, 
Elaine Edozien Shobanjo
Next was Stella's addiction, her booth was really attractive portraying her theme colour of black and a hint of purple and pictures of her work are on display, really loved it. Different makeup products from Urban decay to Sam Fine, Sleek, MakeUp Forever and more are available to see and purchase. Two things that jumped out at me at the booth were Sam Fine's 'The Basics of Beauty' dvd and Magnolia  makeup pigments. I think i went to makeup heaven right there and then, so it is settled, i am getting them without blinking an eye. Go check out her booth.

The lovely very tall lady is Stella with Omalicha of Rhythm 93.7
there to support.
Next port of call was at Yellow Velvet owned by Itohan. Let me just say that her cakes are delicious, scrumptious, tastealicious and all the ious you can think of. Just a taste melts in your mouth. I have tasted her cup cakes a number times in chocolate, vanila and red velvet. Her red velvet cake where do i begin with the red velvet cake. I have tasted a few but her own is one word, sinful, moist and sinful. She made my birthday cake last year which was a sponge cake and it was a mixture of chocolate, vanila and red velvet. I can never forget that cake in my life, never ever. Okay enough drooling, her booth, Yellow Velvet can be found at the back but you can't miss it, it is all yellow, bright and sunny and she has samples on display and to taste, go there and taste her cakes and tell me it is not the best you have ever tasted. If you say otherwise then i will say 'na beef dey worry you'. 


Scrumptious cakes to taste.

And the last two places i checked out were Elect Aso Oke and Verche L' Art cessoire which are opposite of each other. Elect Aso Oke have really beautiful gele of different fabrics and artistically designed Aso Okes. My eyes were on the different selections of gele. The colours are just too pretty, had to resist the urge to grab one and start tying.

I then ended the day at Verche L' Art cessoire. Beautiful display of accessories just made me want to say 'bling'. There are statement neck pieces, gorgeous cocktail rings, edgy belts, bangles and bracelets, magazine like purses and others. Me i got me a magazine purse.


Ma purse.

Not to forget Google is there and they are giving out free bags with a note pad and biro and a water bottle. All you need to do is register with Google plus at the WED Expo which is for free.
Sorry guys it is just one bottle per bag, 
the other is my sister's own

So Guys go over to the WED Expo, check out stuff, book stuff and buy stuff and do make comments of your own experience, would love to hear from you. As for me i'm going again got some shopping to do. Chow!

Friday, 15 February 2013

My perfect valentine look.

Get The Look.

FACE: To the prep i used mismag as an anti-shine serum, then Mary Kay foundation primer. Next i mixed 507 Mary Kay foundation with Rimmel Dare To Bare face and body luminizer (liquid bronzer) to make her face glow, then Zaron oil control mineral loose powder for a matte look. For the blush i used a gold bronzer but if you want more colour then you can use a red or coral blush like Zaron duo blush in Raspberry or Pink Poodle.

BROWS: Zaron brow pencil, EZ09 Brownie. Under the brow for highlight i used the first eye shadow in the L'oreal quartet in Golden Sunrise. 

EYES: I used the lightest gold eye shadow (4th) from L'oreal quartet in Golden Sunrise as a base, then applied right on top Nicka K. High definition Eye shadow in no 3004 (a soft red colour), blend them together, then with a dab of my finger applied a golden orange eye shadow from the 120 BH cosmetics 4th edition palette right in the middle of the lid for a highlight. For the inner corner of the eyes i used gold eye shadow to brighten it up. A dupe for the eye shadow colours is Zaron eye shadow and blush combo palette in Showstopper. Next line the upper lash line with Sleek dip-it eyeliner in black and the bottom lash line with Zaron kajal in Arabian Knight (black). Apply a strip false lash of your choice (can't remember the one i used).

Zaron eye shadow and blush combo palette in 
Showstopper as a dupe.

LIPS: Kept it simple, used an orange red lipstick, was nicely glossy so didn't need to use lipgloss (didn't really have a name but i got it from BMPRO, it is a really gorgeous colour).


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mismag, a dupe for Milk of Magnesia as a cure for oily skin.

Hello everyone, on my last post i wrote about Milk of Magnesia (MOM) being a cure for oily skin. I never tried it but read lots of good reviews about it. Now MOM is not something you easily get here in Nigeria but i did see one in my local drug store and it goes for N1200 or N1500 there about. If prices are to be compared between how much it is sold abroad and how much it is here, then i would say it is a bit expensive. The good news is we have our own cheaper local version which we call Mismag, which goes from N200 upwards. I bought one and decided to try it, what can i say, IT WORKS. I used it on a day out, first applied it all over t-zones and as i was applying it i felt it soaking and drying out the oil on my face, i mean my face felt bone dry. I used a little not to over do it and then i put on my foundation, powder and every other thing and i was good to go. It was hot that day to make testing complete. Now before when i put on foundation and powder alone my face would start to look like i applied the wrong shade of foundation cause it would change colour, even if i used another foundation it would be the same problem and it looked like i literary sprayed oil on my face, became fustrated and finally gave up on foundation and powder until now.
When i use mismag as my anti shine serum and face primer the result it gives me is perfection. Hardly any oil and my foundation looks flawless 'yesss'. Even when i sweat i still look good. So it is official this is my go to anti-shine serum and face primer that i will be using it on my clients and myself. It is cheap, easily available and there is plenty of it in the bottle to go round. I really can't get over the fact that all this while this readily available constipation drug was the answer to oily skin.
I will put up before and after pictures so you can see the result but please try it and let me know how it works for you.
NOTE: it might not work on some people as we all have different skin types.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Milk of magnesia now a cure for oily skin?

There has been a great buzz going on on the internet that Milk of Magnesia, the oral medicine used for curing constipation, indigestion and heartburn, is now being used as a face primer. It is said to be the miracle worker to soak up oil from the skin and reduce pimples. I mean people have reviewed they literally put this on their face before foundation and have claimed they had no shine for up to 6 or 8 hours, even to reducing their pores so that without any makeup their bare skin looks naturally less oily than before and acne are a thing of the past. Some other reviews were negative though, some claimed it didn't work at all.

Well the positive reviews are more than the negative which means i am going to try it to see if it works. This piece of news is exciting and i can't wait to see the results.

Watch out for my next post on my personal experience with the Milk of Magnesia. Please share your own experience if you have tried it.